Starting in 2022, all devices that use a 3G cellular connection will no longer work. Whether your service is through AT&T or Verizon, both providers are phasing out the old technology. This is due to developments of Long-Term Evolution (LTE), which is a much speedier and more efficient cellular connection. As a result, all devices with 3G cellular connections will require new components and/or possible upgrades.

To avoid losing the protection of your home, it's important to upgrade your security system to LTE in order to keep an active cellular connection. For the quickest connection speeds, the best performance, and the longest possible network lifespan, upgrading your system means you'll have the fastest connection to your system's monitoring center. Plus, when you choose us as your security provider, you'll have access to a variety of security and home automation features that provide the protection you need for yourself and your family.

If your security system still uses a 3G connection, your security system will have severe service issues, including:

  • Interruption of the signal between your system and monitoring center.
  • Alarm events not being received by the monitoring center.
  • Other issues affecting the operation of your system.

Don’t wait until your system no longer works before you call. To find out what to do next, Guardian Alarm can help walk you through your options to avoid losing the protection you need for your home.

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