Your Security System Needs An Important Update

Your security system is connected using 3G/4G technology, which the wireless companies are discontinuing. We need to replace the receiver in your security panel so that it works with the LTE wireless network.

Don’t wait until your system no longer works before you call. Upgrade today to ensure that you have dependable service for years to come.

Guardian Alarm Panel

Questions & Answers

1. What happens if I do not have my panel upgraded?

If your panel is not upgraded to LTE, once the wireless companies discontinue 3G/4G, your security system will have severe service issues. These may include:

  • Interruption of the signal between your system and Guardian's monitoring center.
  • Alarm events not being received by our monitoring center.
  • Other issues affecting the operation of your system.

We are providing a FREE cell upgrade with no monitoring increase with a five-year contract extension.

2. Do I need a technician to come to my home?

In order to complete an upgrade to your panel, one of our trained technicians will need to come to your home. Appointments can be scheduled at a time that is convenient for you.

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